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    • NPK (20 : 10 : 10)  NPK Compound Fertilizers or complex fertilizers contains% 20 nitrogen ( N ), % 10 phosphorus( P2O5 ) and % 10 potassium
      ( K2O ) macro elements. Also, it can be added some micro nutrients that are
      zinc ( Zn )manganese ( Mn ),  molybdenum( Mo )iron( Fe )copper (Cu),boron( B ), calcium ( Ca )magnesium( Mg ) and sulphur ( S ).These micro elements to be used amount in complex fertilizer can vary depending on the product being produced.NPK 20 : 10 : 10 + TE granular complex fertilizers used on all types soil under all crops. It is used as the basic fertilizer in spring or autumn to feed the plants.NPK 20 : 10 : 10 + TE compound fertilizers is important fertilizers for plant growth in the early. 
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    1. – In the past few years, researches have been conducted all over the world to show that chemicals and other synthetic products have led to well known problems such contamination of food, soil. Groundwater, rivers, lakes, air etc with toxic residue as they are not bio-degradable in nature. So due to the fact above, farmers, government and other agricultural agencies have been looking for a way out to stop this toxic food being consumed by people as a result of synthetic fertilizers used to make them, and that’s why we introduced Neem based Organic Fertilizer which is bio-degradable and eco-friendly based.
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